Cobalt Prices Keeps Rising!

At NiCoFe Materials we are always trying to bring the positive news from the industry.  Unfortunately when it comes to Cobalt we do not seem to be able to do this.  There are clear indicators of how volatile the current markets are.  Carmaker VW issued…

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Ed Fagan Inc at Nicofe Materials Ltd

ED FAGAN INC. supplies the highest quality special purpose metals and alloys for Aerospace/Aviation, Defense, Electronics, Magnetic, Medical, Lighting, Optical, Telecommunications, Ceramics, Heat Treating, and other high-technology industries. https://…

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UK ‘space drones’ look to Proton rocket ride


UK-headquartered start-up Effective Space aims to put up its first satellite servicing “drones” in 2020. The company has announced an intent to contract with International Launch Services, which manages the commercial flights of the Russian Proton rock…

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